Ripple effect

# Documentation

Add a material ripple effect on click, to any DOM element/Vue component.

#Basic usage

You can use the ripple custom directive v-ripple for creating material effect. LightVue Ripple bar is Both compatible with Vue 2.x and Vue 3.x.

#Modifying color

you can set the color of repple by overwriting a lv-ink class.


You can import a component and register it as a local and global vue component as follows:

// import the component
import Ripple from 'lightvue/ripple';
// Register the component locally
export default {
    components: {
// Register the component globally (Vue 2.x)
Vue.component('Ripple', Ripple);

// Register the component globally (Vue 3.x)
const app = Vue.createApp({
  // ...
app.component('Ripple', Ripple);