The Emerging UI Component Library
Designed for Vue 3.x & Vue 2.x
$ npm install lightvue
LightVue Illustration
The LightVue

LightVue is one of the most emerging UI Component Library that hands out everything you need to create modern, engaging and responsive web applications. LightVue is specifically designed for both Vue3.x and Vue2.x and offers unlimited customizations natively.

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LIGHT Weight
One of the smallest UI Library available in the planet for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.
Customizable UI
Structure your ideal design by choosing from countless customizable UI variants that LightVue offers.
100% Responsive
Mobile Ready components that adapts smoothly to a variety of screen sizes.
ZERO Dependency
LightVue has absolute no other dependency. Every component is standalone & designed from scratch to make it robust and super-fast.
We are commited to enhance developer experience by making the whole process a blend of fun and finesse.
Revolutionary DESIGN
LightVue is designed perfectly to transform your modern web application with professional and elegant design interfaces.
Swift Migration from Vue 2.x to Vue 3.x

Developing modern cutting-edge projects, just got simpler. With just one step upgradation, 100% backward compatibility and identical APIs in both the environments. LightVue offers a hassle free migration from your Vue 2.x to Vue 3.x projects in just two ticks.

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Fastest, LIGHT UI Elements in the Planet

Every element of the LightVue is standalone & designed to ensure Optimal Performance across devices. LightVue web components are even lighter than feather with dead simple responsive layouts. There is so much that LightVue does natively to enhance performance and robustness of your web app.

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Light weight UI
Light icon
Packed with Premium Collection of LIGHT ICONS

Your imagination has no boundaries and so does our handpicked collection of premium & light-weighted icons. Explore and choose icons from the vast landscape of LIGHT ICONS.

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Ready for Enterprises
LightVue supports unlimited customization of UI to meet the diverging needs of Enterprises.